Our raw materials

From classic to rebellious or even somewhere in between, our jewelry is created just for you!  Our jewelry is mainly composed of three raw materials; genuine leather, sterling silver and freshwater pearls. The combination of these natural elements gives the jewelry just enough swag to fit any style! 



Genuine Leather

Leather awakens the rebel side.  The leather is both soft, malleable and comfortable to wear.  Many of our necklaces and pendants are crafted with leather cording.






Freshwater pearls

Freshwater pearls are our classic item. They are beautiful alone or with other materials. The beads we use are cultured pearls. They can be of natural colour or tinted.  The classic white and creams are the most common.  Other colours which could be found are eggplant, peacocks (blue / green), black, peach, sky blue, pale pink and many more.  Besides the vast array of colours; pearls also vary in sizes and shapes.




Sterling silver

Sterling silver is the link between the classic and rebel styles.  Silver (0.925) gives shine and softness to jewelry.  It connects the elements for a perfect harmony.  This versatile material is sometimes used alone or combined with other materials.  You could dress it up or dress it down depending on how you want to express yourself.