Jewelry Care

Here are a few tips to maintain your jewelry.  They are divided into 3 categories; genuine leather, freshwater pearls and sterling silver.  Proper maintenance will help maintain your jewelry their original condition.

Genuine leather

Leather cords are cut from genuine leather skin.  They ask some precautions not to damage them.  Untreated leather may change color over time because of prolonged contact with skin oils from our skin and our hair. It can also be stained with abrasive cleaners, powder products, organic solvents and perfumes.  

Maintenance is simple.

A damp cloth and mild soap is sufficient for the routine cleaning of leather.  Simply wipe the leather with a damp soft cloth, not wet. This allows you to remove dirt and residue on the surface of the leather. You can do this a few times a year or as needed if the jewelry is worn regularly.