Jewelry Care

Here are a few tips to maintain your jewelry.  They are divided into 3 categories; genuine leather, freshwater pearls and sterling silver.  Proper maintenance will help maintain your jewelry their original condition.

Freshwater pearls

The composition and hardness dictates the rules of maintenance of the pearl.

Since the pearl contains water, the beads are sensitive to drying out and keeping them in a safety deposit box or even in a jewelry box with papers would be a mistake.

Nacre is a carbonate therefore pearls are sensitive to acids, including the acidity of the skin and all cosmetics including perfumes.  To preserve the beauty of a pearl jewel it should be cleaned gently with a slightly damp chamois every time we wear it before storing it.

We need to avoid friction with the surface of the pearl in a jewel.  For this reason it is mounted with a knotting technic between each bead which prevents friction.  In case the jewelry breaks; this knotting technic will prevent the loss of precious pearls.   Ideally one should remount a necklace or pearl bracelet regularly.

(Source: The Montreal School of Gemology)